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EU fisheries ministers need to take urgent action now if they are to achieve ecologically diverse, clean and healthy seas as they promised by 2020. This must include ending ovefishing and protecting at least 30% of our seas.


Fishlove is a series of striking images which is now at the heart of a global movement
 to protect our seas from destructive fishing practices. The portraits, featuring celebrated individuals with fish, have succeeded in raising significant awareness for campaigns such as Marine Conservation Society, OCEAN2012, Deep Sea Coalition, The End of the Line, and Blue Marine Foundation. If you would like to use the portraits for your campaign, or would like to support us in our ongoing work, please contact us.

The collapse of fish stocks is an environmental catastrophe that is seen by scientists as being as important as climate change. But the good news is that it is a catastrophe that can be easily averted. With the right political measures over the next five years, our seas can survive for generations to come. See how you can help.


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“Over-fishing, bottom trawling and other destructive fishing practices are threatening our Oceans. Campaigns such as Fishlove are helping to highlight these important issues and changing attitudes for the better. I'm proud to be part of it.”

Sir Richard Branson

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