Jillian Edelstein Series


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Released in 2016/17 with the support of J Sheekey Oyster Bar to campaign against overfishing in British seas. We are calling for greater protection of UK Coastal waters through Marine Protected Areas.

“I felt I was holding a very old being. Our skins were very different, mine smooth and soft, hers, like sandpaper, yet somehow similar as well. Fish are a mystery to me. They are like creatures from dreams. They are evolution. They are also limited and I believe we must create great wildlife parks in the oceans where no human pursues the fish in order to sustain their livelihood, and our own. I posed for Fishlove to join those highlighting the plight of fish on earth at present.” Mark Rylance (featured with a Smooth Hound Shark from the English Channel).

“You do feel a little guilty holding a huge dead fish while you are very much alive, but by doing this Fishlove portrait with a deep-sea Black Scabbard fish we want to make clear the message: if we don’t end the overfishing and pollution of the ocean, all these beautiful creatures are threatened. In particular, deep-sea fishing is unsustainable, unnecessary and should stop.” Emma Thompson & Greg Wise (with a deep sea Black Scabbard fish from Portugal)

“I’m usually asked to keep my clothes on; but FISHLOVE is a cause I believe in, so it was easy to say yes. It was very uncomfortable & the spikes on the fish tore my skin but if these photos make people aware of our responsibilities to the next generation - to conserve fish stocks - then it’s worth while. And I do love fish.” Miriam Margolyes  (with John Dory)

Series sponsored by: J Sheekey Oyster Bar

In support of the Marine Conservation Society


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