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If you love fish...
Go sustainable

Diversify your choice

We’re too reliant on the “Big Five”: cod, haddock, tuna, salmon and prawns. Choose species such as coley or pouting instead of cod. Herring or sardines instead of tuna.

Shop at the most responsible supermarkets

Buy your seafood from supermarkets awarded through our supermarket seafood survey; Sainsbury’s and M&S (gold), The Co-operative (silver) and Waitrose (bronze).

Look at labels

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) seafood ecolabel recognises and rewards sustainable fishing and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certifies responsibly farmed seafood. The Marine Conservation Society recognises MSC and ASC certified as a better environmental choice for many seafood products.

Go green

Choose fish caught using methods with lower environmental impact, such as hand lined or pot caught.

Choose organic farmed seafood

Organic farms tend to have lower stocking densities, higher environmental standards and use feed sourced sustainably, so look for the organic label.

Avoid eating sharks and deepwater fish

Slow growing, long-lived species such as redfish and orange roughy, breed slowly and are therefore vulnerable to over-exploitation. Fishing for deep sea fish can harm other sensitive species like coldwater coral that may never recover.

If you love fish...
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If you love fish...
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